Helpdesk Technician

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The Helpdesk Technician is primarily responsible for the successful troubleshooting and resolution of client support requests. Operating as a team, the helpdesk addresses incoming client requests in order of urgency and impact. The role has an advanced troubleshooting ability and is highly knowledgeable in desktops, laptop, printers and imaging devices. New workstation deployment and profile transition are completed by the Helpdesk Technician. Client satisfaction and communication when working on technical challenges is the primary goal of the position. The Helpdesk Technician develops, maintains and leverages the internal process documentation system and is responsible for deploying solutions that adhere to company best practices.

Secondary responsibilities include monitoring the RMM suite as well as other reporting systems for alerts and addressing them accordingly. The Helpdesk Technician administers client servers and network solutions to deploy standard requests and changes as needed. Complex non-standard server or network related changes are escalated to a Systems Engineer. The role administers, monitors and maintains the disaster recovery platform with backup restore requests performed as required.

The Helpdesk Technician is often the first point of contact for many client support requests. It is critical that timely and professional communication be used when making that first impression. The Helpdesk Technician must always be mindful of their impact on a client’s time and work schedule.

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