Sr. Systems Engineer

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The Sr. Systems Engineer is primarily responsible for the successful design, budgeting and delivery of IT related projects. The role has mastery over troubleshooting processes and is an expert in servers, storage and network related solutions. Prospective client infrastructure is examined and a plan of action is created to leverage best practice based solutions to solve their business challenges. The Sr. Systems Engineer is the final escalation path for the technical team and is responsible for resolving the most difficult support challenges. Through interactions with clients during support and project delivery the position shall collect feedback with the goal of identifying new opportunities and creating new solutions for discovered needs.

Secondary responsibilities include design, management and deployment of internal servers, storage and network related solutions. The Sr. System Engineer has full access to the IDC co-location facility and all other network locations. The role is often called upon to research and analyze new potential solutions to review their viability, cost effectiveness and value. The position is responsible for documenting all projects deployed as well as any other processes that are repeatable in nature.

The Sr. Systems Engineer designs and deploys all IT related projects according to their budgeted expectations. Accuracy in time and materials estimates is of prime importance. As a result, it is imperative that the position maintain up-to-date knowledge on new hardware, software and methodologies. The position takes on a leadership role and directs the technical services team in developing and deploying IT best practices. The Sr. Systems Engineer is the top subject matter expert in all hardware or software related inquires.

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