Great White North Technology Consulting Inc.

We take great pride in assembling some of the brightest and most talented professional minds within our reach. We set out to create the type of consultancy where new ideas can be brought together to flourish. Through our combined experience we're able to craft unique technology based solutions to business challenges.

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Great White North is an IT Managed Services Provider located in Timmins, Ontario. With a team of 15+ talented professionals, we offer IT services throughout Ontario, Nunavut and across Canada. We are active members of our local community and promote the growth of local businesses and organizations. In an ever evolving industry we pride ourselves on keeping on top of the latest technologies, methodologies and best practices. We incorporate our wealth of IT knowledge into every value driven solution that we design and deploy.



Leadership Team

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Paul Brunet

Chief Executive Officer

1 (705) 269 1122

President & Founder

Our Core Values

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  • Going the extra mile do make sure something is done 100% complete the first time.
  • Having an extra “care factor” put into the task at hand, at all levels and for all clients.
  • Thinking outside of the box to come up with new solutions and ideas to solve challenges.
  • Not being afraid to voice your opinion and defend your ideas with facts and rationale.


  • Being honest and transparent even in difficult situations, never lie or obfuscate information.
  • Taking ownership and responsibility for decisions or actions; not try to lay blame elsewhere.
  • Ensuring clients fully understand the impact and risks of commitments before taking action.
  • Reporting incidents of violence, discrimination, racism or unethical behavior to the leadership team.


  • Always consider the feelings and perspective of others, and that there may be many factors unknown to you.
  • Have an open point of view, be able to agree with others even if you originally opposed a decision or idea.
  • Look to help others and be a team player when facing challenges as individuals and as a company.
  • Make time available when it matters, being part of the give-and-take nature of a collaborative environment.


  • Be willing to try something different or new, even if it doesn’t seem agreeable at first glance.
  • Constantly look to improve current processes, policies and solutions; voice your recommendations.
  • Be able to shift priorities as situations and events change, new information leads to new courses of action.
  • Always look for opportunities to learn and grow as a professional, develop your skills via training.


  • Have a positive attitude and be approachable, look to help others and provide guidance or insight.
  • Participate in team events, programs and committees; adhere to company policies and procedures.
  • Always have a health and safety mindset, look for dangers and help plan safe ways to mitigate them.
  • Balance work and home life endeavors; communicate with the team to maintain healthy relationships.